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June 2012


  • A View From The Top

    Think about the sun to plan your time in the mountains, and you’ll get your most inspiring shots from the summits

    Summits are magical places. Reaching the summit of a high peak gives me the exhilarating, humbling and awe-inspiring experience of being a tiny speck on top of the world.
  • Get In Shape For A Workshop

    Summer is photo workshop season. we asked several instructors and photo tour leaders for their advice on what you can do to be in top picture-taking shape when you go

    If you come from sea level and want to go on a tour at high elevation, are you physically fit and able to handle the abrupt acclimation?
  • Macro Flash

    Get complete creative control over your close-up photography with these versatile flash and mounting systems

    If you're seeking to heat up the WOW factor in your images, macro photography may become your favorite pursuit. Viewers are captivated by larger-than-life images of very small things
  • Pro Tips For A Road Trip

    Some of OP’s top professional contributors offer up suggestions about key gear and other items to bring on your next photo road trip

    When I can't get a signal with my phone, a weather radio gives me another option for finding out what's up with the crazy weather around me.


  • Gadget Bag: Anatomy Of The Polarizer

    What makes one polarizer different from another?

    Why do some 52mm polarizing filters cost nearly $200 and others less than $20? Maybe a better question is: Why do some photographers spend $200 for a polarizer when there are alternatives available for a fraction of that price?
  • In Focus: June 2012

    Capture an epic vista or move in close to emphasize a foreground with help from a pair of Canon wide-angle lenses.
  • Solutions: Time For A New Bag

    An old camera bag can create pictures spotted with dust. Is it time to clean or replace yours?

    Even the best-designed and best-built camera bags don't last forever, and the canary in the coal mine that tells you it's time for a replacement is lint.
  • Sony SLT-A57

    A quick and feature-packed fixed translucent mirror replacement for the A55

    The new A57 replaces the A55 in Sony's line of fixed-translucent-mirror SLT cameras. With a number of refinements and some features taken from the new A65, the A57 is poised to take its place as a next-generation, fixed-mirror reflex camera with fast AF, top-quality video and top still-image quality.
  • Zooms: Pros & Cons Of All-In-One

    Having a single lens to cover everything from ultrawide to strong telephoto is incredibly appealing, but how well do these extreme zooms perform in a variety of situations? We’ll show you where the trade-offs are.

    All-in-one zoom lenses—those that go from wide-angle to telephoto—offer some solid benefits for a nature photographer who's on a road trip.


  • Assignments: June 2012

    Photo Assignments From The Editor Of Outdoor Photographer Magazine

    I'm highlighting images from several recent OP Assignments In this issue.
  • Frogs Of The OSA

    In a Costa Rica refuge, preservation tactics are leading to a stable ecosystem where amphibians are thriving

    My foot plunged through cool rushing water to find the firm purchase of a pebbled streambed.
  • Glacier National Park, Montana

    Northern Montana's expansive Glacier National Park offers over 700 miles of trails, with 760 lakes, 175 mountains and two dozen glaciers.
  • The Nature Of Wildlife

    Stefano Unterthiner gets incredibly close to the action to create his unique wildlife photographs

    Stefano Unterthiner's wildlife photography is about as up close and personal as you can get to timid wildlife and rare animals.


  • Eagle Eyes

    Reaching For Sharpness • Bad Vibrations • The Apple Of My i

    I photograph wildlife with a Canon EOS 40D, a 500mm ƒ/4 IS lens and often a 1.4X matched tele-extender. I consistently apply technique to maximize sharpness
  • Primeval Pulse

    The annual spring migration of shorebirds is an awesome phenomenon. Untold millions of them fly from wintering grounds all over the Americas to reach summer nesting grounds in the Arctic. As they cover distances spanning half the globe, their food demands are critical, and high-energy refueling stops are essential.
  • Smooth Operator

    Try sliders to add interest to your videos

    When making the transition from stills to video, the conventional wisdom dictates that camera movement is bad.

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