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June 2013


  • Pro Tips For Summer Hot Spots

    Check out these top shooting locations from some of the best Outdoor Photographer contributors

    There's nothing like getting out in the summer when the weather is warm, the days are long and the landscapes are inviting.
  • Sierra Light With A Compact

    James Kay had to ditch his DSLR in favor of a basic point-and-shoot for a recent ultralight hiking trip. The small camera gave him a sense of creative freedom, and knowing how to work within the camera’s limitations, he brought back a stunning portfolio.

    Perhaps you were channel-surfing with me a couple years ago when I stumbled across a fascinating special about a team of underwater photographers working to document the prolific underwater habitat surrounding Cocos Island off the coast of Central America.
  • Slot Canyon Photography

    How to prepare for shooting excursions to these iconic features of the Southwest’s Colorado Plateau

    Antelope, Little Wild Horse, Peekaboo, Secret.
  • Wildlife Videography

    HDSLRs give you the ability to create professional-level wildlife films, shorts and even simple multimedia clips. If you haven’t tried, here’s a primer on how to get it done.

    The light level was in the basement, and the wolves were very active.


  • Choosing A Lens Set For Nature Photography

    How to save money and find the best lenses to match up with your shooting style

    When putting together a lens kit for outdoor photography, there are three basic ways to do it.
  • Gadget Bag: Get Organized

    Software for managing your archive and more!

    Be it shoeboxes overflowing with slides, binders full of contact sheets or narrow aisles of shelves loaded with meticulously labeled prints, photographers have always found their craft at odds with organization.
  • In Focus: June 2013

    Take full control of your camera from a distance with the CamRanger wireless tethering system.
  • Solutions: Lighten Up

    Must-have gear for summer on the trail

    The key to light hiking as a photographer is paring your gear down to the most essential tools that will help you get a great shot in the most conditions.


  • Arrowhead Region, Minnesota

    Named for the distinctive shape of its borders along Canada to the north and Lake Superior to the southeast, the Minnesota Arrowhead region offers spectacular views of Lake Superior as well as valleys, rivers, lakes and numerous waterfalls.
  • Big Landscapes & Intimate Details

    The towering peaks and abstract close-ups of Colorado photographer Tad Bowman

    Originally from the Smoky Mountains area of Tennessee, Colorado photographer Tad Bowman thanks many long "adventures" as a boy hiking through the neighboring wilderness for fostering a love of nature.
  • Saving Serengeti

    A photographer’s call to preserve a world treasure

    The Maasai call it siringet, which means extended or endless, a place that goes on forever.


  • Hot Summer Tips

    Shooting Local • Botanical And Commercial Gardens • Falling Water • High-Basin Wildflowers • Up, Up And... • Time-Lapsing • Lightning In The Daytime • On The Water

    It seems that all my photographer friends are going to Iceland this year, and last year they went to Africa, and sometimes they bring home great photographs that I feel like I've seen before.
  • Natural HDR

    Defeat the limits of your DSLR sensor’s latitude

    I first started teaching photography way back in 1980 for The Ansel Adams Gallery.
  • Sufficiency

    Enjoy the tools you have and get away from the fear of missing out

    Back in the day, the craft of photography was a lot harder.

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