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March 2004


  • Perspective & The Nature Photographer

    How To: Add perspective control to your photographic tool kit for straighter trees, upright buildings and towering cliffs

    Do you ever wonder why some of the classic photos of stands of trees or tall cliffs look so majestic compared to the results most people get with their cameras? Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter and other masters of the landscape often brought a different perspective to their images, and this perspective isn’t about their creative eye.
  • Tame Lighting Extremes

    Nature often serves us splendid scenes, but with light that won‚’t cooperate with our camera‚’s and film‚’s abilities. Here‚’s how to bring those conditions under control.

    Let’s face it—the world isn’t built for the convenience of the photographer. We’ve all been to a location with a fine composition right in front of us, but the light makes the contrasts too extreme for us to capture it with the camera.


  • Gadget Bag: Lightweight Contenders

    Small, compact bags can be handy in many situations

    With several camera bodies, numerous lenses and an endless array of accessories, it's no wonder most photographers love those cavernous camera bags. However, lugging around a heavy, bulky load is often inconvenient, if not impossible or even dangerous.


  • Great Lakes

    An intrepid family of adventurers set out to explore, photograph and bring awareness to the swath of Canadian wilderness called the Heritage Coast

    Husband and wife adventurers Gary and Joanie McGuffin spent the summer of 2002 paddling their canoe more than 1,800 miles along Canada’s Great Lakes Heritage Coast—a stretch of coastline including Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. Armed with high-tech photography equipment and low-tech transportation, Gary documented the remarkable flora, fauna and landscapes they encountered along the way. His photographs have now been published in a new book called Great Lakes Journey: Exploring the Heritage Coast.


  • Muddy Mountains, Nevada

    The Muddy Mountains are located northeast of Las Vegas and include Valley of Fire State Park, well known for its colorful vistas. But the Muddies continue south of the park to the lesser known Buffington Pockets, which feature many of the same sandstone formations. The colorful layers and surprising textures and forms are found in the outcroppings of Aztec Sandstone, some of which have been quarried for decorative rock. This slick-rock country includes white domes, and red, orange and white "rainbow"-layered rock that are in sharp contrast to the towering dark gray cliffs to the east.

  • Selling Prints For Profits

    Help turn your hobby into a business with these basic tips

    At some point, photographers consider the possibility of making a living with their cameras. Some turn their passion into a lucrative business while others are enthusiastic about maintaining their amateur status. However, if you’re interested in sharing your images with the world and actually being paid for it, here are some tips for selling fine-art prints to the public.

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