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March 2013


  • Solutions: Clarity

    This incredibly useful control helps close the gap between actual global contrast and apparent contrast in a photo

    One of the more interesting challenges that the digital revolution brought home to nearly every photographer, both amateur and professional alike, is that with digital, you're now in control of your own image processing.
  • Solutions: Vibrance

    Often thought of as nearly identical to Saturation, this control can be much more useful for nature photographers

    Vibrance is grouped along with Clarity and Saturation in Lightroom.
  • The Beauty & Challenge Of Winter Storms

    Difficult weather produces uniquely compelling conditions for photography, as well as dangers that need to be observed

    The view out my window was pretty lousy! Sunrise looked to be dull and dark with thick clouds obscuring the sun.
  • The Universal Exposure Strategy

    How to harness the power within your camera and your eye to get perfect exposures for every kind of lighting situation

    Menacing gray clouds filled the sky when I arrived before dawn on the crest of Black Face in the San Juan Mountains near Telluride, Colorado.
  • Use Lightroom Like a Darkroom

    How to work like an old-school master printer when you’re processing images in the computer

    To do this in Photoshop, you need to use things like selections, feathering, layers, adjustment layers and layer masks.


  • Full-Frame: DSLRs For Landscape Master Work

    Can you produce Ansel Adams-level images from a DSLR? Today’s full-frame models give you some outstanding options.

    One of the many things Ansel Adams was known for was the superb image quality of his prints, which exhibited excellent detail and a magnificent range of tones.
  • Gadget Bag: Ultimate Landscape Accessories

    Indispensable gear for a modern-day Ansel Adams to have in the field

    In the days when he was trekking throughout the American landscape, Ansel Adams was often traveling on roads that we would barely recognize today.
  • In Focus: March 2013

    Add to your lens lineup with the Sigma 35mm ƒ/1.4 DG HSM.


  • Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

    Churchill, Manitoba, is known as the polar bear capital of the world.
  • The Last Paradise

    Using photography as a conservation tool, Ralph Lee Hopkins tells the story of the Galápagos Islands

    For the animals, it might as well be the last paradise on earth, since many are truly unique, existing here and nowhere else. But like many wild places in the world, paradise is threatened.
  • Transient As The Light

    QT Luong is a French-born scientist, mountain climber and artist. He’s also a master of landscapes whose passion was ignited by the magnificent scenes of the Sierra Nevada.

    Landscape photographer QT Luong has done something not even Ansel Adams accomplished


  • A Dance On The Beach

    Focus on the fundamentals to make great strides in your photography

    It's such an exciting time for photographers, but it can be difficult to keep up with all the rapidly changing technology.
  • Land Art

    Few places on earth match the scenic wonders of the American Southwest.
  • True Teamwork

    Advice To The PhotoLorn • Going Beyond 1X • Power To The Time-Lapse • Going Really Long

    Each of us has different work to do with different cameras, we're gathering background for the written story, we know what the objective is, and we support each other as much as possible.

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