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May 2004


  • Compose Like The Pros

    Practice these 10 tips for creating stronger and more dramatic photographs

    Taking cues from the great classic painters, photographers have learned that composition is more than just where you place your subject. Lighting, perspective and contrast each plays a role in creating a stunning image. And the truth is that we all can learn to use them. It comes down to training ourselves to look for and recognize those elements in a scene.
  • Venturing Into New Country

    The dos and dont's of safely and responsibly taking your vehicle into the outdoors

    New country has always been the inspiration for photographers to venture beyond where others have stopped, and the vehicles to get them there are as old as Henry Jackson’s mule or Ansel Adams’ "Woody" station wagon and as modern as Kennan Ward’s Sportsmobile 4x4 home-on-wheels. In more recent years, the most popular-selling vehicles in this country have been SUVs to the extent that our own demographic studies indicate that approximately half of Outdoor Photographer readers have one in the family.


  • Getting There And Back Again

    Discover how GPS can improve your travel and photography

    As often happens when you’re hiking or traveling in new territory, you arrive at a location that’s ideal for photography. Unfortunately, the light isn’t right; it’s heavily overcast, making the scene look flat and unimpressive. Or it’s noon and the overhead sun is doing little to reveal the rich color and textures of a scene. You decide to return to this spot, but how do you make sure that you return to the same place?
  • Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada

    Waterton Lakes National Park is a land of serrated mountains, rolling prairies and mirror-like glacial lakes. Located in Alberta, Canada and directly north of Glacier National Park, Watertonis similar to its more familiar sister park and, in fact, the two are managed cooperatively as the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. However, Waterton contains a more extensive road system, more prairie land and more easily found lowland wildlife than Glacier.

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