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May 2005


  • Field Storage Viewing

    Download and safeguard your images in the field

    Computers are an integral part of digital photography, but carrying one and booting it up in the field can be problematic. Laptops aren’t ideally suited for working in the field because of the difficulty of viewing the screen outdoors, its additional weight and the extra time taken away from shooting. Once you’ve filled up your memory cards, however, they become a necessity.
  • Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro

    Fujifilm's latest D-SLR delivers improved quality and reduced noise

    When it comes to digital SLRs, resolution is important, yet a high pixel count alone doesn’t automatically mean superior results. Today, we’re concerned with a camera’s ability to render color, reveal shadow and highlight details, and reduce the appearance of noise at high ISO settings. The Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro addresses all of these issues while creating a unique niche for itself.
  • Gadget-Bag: Graduated NDs In A Digital World

    These essential filters bring exposure for sky and ground inside a manageable range

    When I was a photography student shooting a sunset 20 years ago, I encountered a vexing problem. When I metered for the sky glowing above Death Valley’s mountains in California, I got a wildly different reading than I did when I metered off the dunes below the horizon. Because I knew my slide film couldn’t handle more than a three- or four-stop exposure range, I realized I couldn’t get detail in both the sunset and the landscape beneath it. Sure enough, the shots exposed for the sky showed a silhouetted landform, and the shots exposed for the dunes blew out the bright sky completely.


  • Pinpoint Hot Spots Of The Pros

    Have you ever seen a beautiful landscape photograph and wondered where it was composed or how to get there? In landscape photography, there are a number of iconic locations well known to the pros, but often missed by the general public. We asked these landscape masters to share with us images and insights from some of their favorite places—15 photographic treasures from around the country. We’ve included maps and directions so that you, too, can find these "secret" locations. As many of the photographers told us, the real joy isn’t in the finished image, but in being out there to shoot it. We hope you’ll be inspired to experience these magical places yourself.


  • The Craft of RAW

    Use RAW to make good photos better, not bad photos okay

    We looked at the mythology associated with RAW last month, that it somehow possesses magical properties that allow it to capture image quality from any brightness range, that you can get wonderful images from any exposure. That myth has set a lot of photographers down the wrong path.

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