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May 2006


  • Bare Essentials

    Four professional photographers share how they travel light in the field

    Getting the image sometimes involves leaving equipment back home. When you’re hiking six miles into the wilderness or climbing up to a higher elevation, the weight of the gear you carry makes a big difference. All the best equipment in the world means little if you’re too physically spent to hold the camera steady. Some of these items weigh only a few ounces individually, but all this gear combined can result in photographers carrying pounds of gear on their backs or over their shoulders.


  • Outdoor Gear Guide (Gadgets, Gear and Garments)

    When it’s too cold for a shirt but not cold enough for a jacket, it’s just right for a Woolrich Shirt Jac. Available in several materials, including canvas, corduroy and chamois cloth, Shirt Jacs add warm, lightweight polyester fleece to the basic shirt, along with 40-gram Arctic Insulation for the sleeves, with quilted taffeta lining for easy on and off.
  • Gadget Bag: Sharpness Is Easy

    Tripods are indispensable, and new, exotic materials and construction make them better, lighter and stronger than ever

    We’ve said it before and we‚’ll say it again: If you‚’re looking to improve your photography, the single most useful tool you can use is a tripod. As photo gear goes, tripods fall somewhere between a sandbag and lens-cleaning tissue on the "cool equipment" scale. Compared to exotic optics, advanced filters and new ubertech SLRs, what‚’s less sexy than three sticks connected to a hinged plate? And yet the tripod remains the device that’s most likely to have an immediate, positive impact on your imagery.
  • Live LCD, True SLR

    The Olympus EVOLT E-330 is the first D-SLR to offer a tilting TTL monitor and an optical TTL viewfinder

    Anyone who knows me knows that I love the little digital cameras with the flip-out or tilting LCDs. Because these LCDs are "live" meaning they see what’s coming through the lens, they can be used as handy viewfinders for new shooting angles.
  • Nikon Wireless Close-Up Flash

    Wireless is a great way to go for using flash with macro shots

    Recently, I had the chance to work with Nikon’s new wireless close-up flash kit. The R1C1 breaks new ground, offering ease and convenience in close-up flash that we’ve never had before. The kit includes an SU-800 flash controller, two SB-R200 flash heads and a mounting bracket to fit the front of a lens (a macro, for example).


  • El Yunque Tropical Rain Forest, Puerto Rico

    The Caribbean National Forest, locally known as El Yunque (the anvil), is located about an hour’s drive east of San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital. Established in 1903 as the Luquillo Forest Reserve, El Yunque is the only tropical rain forest in the National Forest System. Relatively small at 28,000 acres, the forest’s highest elevations (about 3,500 feet above sea level) can receive more than 250 inches of rain per year.
  • Functionality Meets Style

    Novoflex offers camera supports that are both reliable and attractively designed

    When it comes to most photographic accessories, the emphasis is often on functionality, yet not far behind that is the matter of style. So while we photographers want tools that help us to create great images, we also appreciate having products that make us look good while we’re doing it. Novoflex definitely knows how to put style into common photographic gear.
  • Is Photoshop About Photography?

    Is there such a thing as "pure" nature photography? And how does Photoshop fit into that idea?

    Photography has never been able to mimic nature in any "pure" way. Any image, whether film or digital, is an interpretation of nature from the moment of capture. It’s our job as photographers, I believe, to interpret nature honestly and accurately, and sometimes that means Photoshop is a necessity in order to get the image right.

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