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May 2011


  • 10 Tips For Brilliant Landscapes

    To get your best shots, follow the light

    “Chase the light.” For years, landscape photographers have lived by this motto. It’s not really a technique—it’s a philosophy, a way of life, an existential state of being.
  • Find Your Focus

    Use the essentials of strong design for better landscape compositions

    Have you ever stood on a high point, soaking in the view, exhilarated by the vast space in front of you?
  • Sweep Panorama

    Go wide, young man

    The Fuji 617G was a favorite camera for a relatively small group of photographers who wanted to make panorama images with maximum possible quality.


  • Essential DSLR Features For Landscapes

    Discover sophisticated DSLR modes and functions to free your creative vision in the field

    Landscape photography once was primarily the realm of large-format view cameras, but no more.
  • Gadget Bag: Super Sized Backpacks

    When you want to carry a lot of gear into the field, consider the three Cs: capacity, comfort and convenience

    We often tout the benefits of going light when you’re hiking into the field, but there are occasions when it really makes sense to bring a full complement of lenses and accessories.
  • In Focus: May 2011

    Canon has redesigned a couple of its most popular supertelephoto lenses to be much lighter than their predecessors.
  • Landscape Essentials In A High-Tech Age

    The gear and gadgets that every landscape photographer needs to take better shots

    Beyond the camera and lens, the accessories you use can go a long way in making your landscape photography look sharper, more creative and dramatic.
  • Landscape Lens Tech

    What makes a good landscape lens?

    Finding your perfect landscape lens is a matter of defining the priorities.
  • Pentax K-r

    A new entry-level DSLR that doesn’t sacrifice performance

    Pentax’s top-of-the-line K-5 has been getting most of the publicity, but its lower-cost sibling, the compact K-r, also offers the outdoor photographer a lot—including a first-rate live-view LCD monitor, quick autofocusing and advance, high image quality and HD video.


  • Assignments: May 2011

    Photo Assignments From The Editor Of Outdoor Photographer Magazine

    In this issue’s Assignments department, we’re looking at three dramatic mountain scenes.
  • Beyond The Range Of Light

    From her home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Elizabeth Carmel is focused on capturing dramatic vistas in transition

    Based in Northern California, Elizabeth Carmel is one of the top nature photographers working today.
  • Here Be Dragons

    Documenting the wild world in expeditions that go to the ends of the earth

    It’s 2 a.m. at 80º north of the equator. The midnight sun glares off puddles in the pack ice.
  • Spring In The Northwest

    Standing in stark contrast to its usual reputation, May in the Pacific Northwest is a month when the landscape comes alive with vivid colors

    Winters can be long in the Pacific Northwest...or maybe they just seem that way.


  • Carrizo Plain National Monument, California

    Situated in California’s Central Valley, the Carrizo Plain National Monument is the last of the state’s historic grasslands. Photo opportunities abound in what’s known as “California’s Serengeti” for its rich wildlife and sweeping landscapes.
  • Convert A DSLR To Infrared

    Seeing Color In Infrared • Making Sense Of Print Size Ratios • Big ’Scapes Need More Space • Kolor Autopano Giga 2.5 For Difficult Panoramas

    I’ve seen a lot of digital infrared landscapes lately. Some have different colors in the image that add an element of drama that I don’t see in pure black-and-white infrared.
  • Get Airborne

    With some advance planning, the striking results of aerial photography are within your reach

    I’m not a pilot, but I love flying. Any flying device that can send me into the sky for a bird’s-eye view, no matter how precarious, I’ll give a try.
  • Haleakala Sunrise

    Suspended, camera ready, a timeless moment between primal past and infinite future

    The migration from far, far below begins in predawn light. Hundreds of people wind their way up from sea level in cars, buses and motorcycles.

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