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May 2012


  • Advanced Time-Lapse Gear Guide

    Filmmaker Todd Sali talks about his favorite accessories for taking your time-lapse projects to the next level

    The spectacular wilderness in California's Mojave Desert ignited my time-lapse addiction. I'd casually set up a camera and tripod, point it at something lovely, program an interval and meander through the desert, my robot camera clicking away.
  • Solutions: Scanning Revisited

    Breathe new life into your old film images by using powerful next-generation scanning software

    This might be one article you didn't exactly expect to find yourself reading.


  • Camera, Lenses, Landscapes!

    Get the right gear to cover all of your landscape shooting opportunities

    Today's digital landscape photographers can choose from a great variety of DSLRs.
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III

    The EOS 5D Mark II was a game-changing DSLR. The new EOS 5D Mark III builds on the legacy and incorporates some serious improvements for nature photographers.

    Canon's long-anticipated successor to the trend-setting EOS 5D Mark II DSLR delivers on many requests regarding that popular camera and adds several features developed for the flagship EOS-1D X.
  • Gadget Bag: DSLR Video Support

    Gear to keep your camera steady when you’re shooting motion

    Having the ability to capture motion with your DSLR opens up the enticing world of video vignettes and clips of landscapes, wildlife and sports.
  • In Focus: May 2012

    The EF 24-70mm ƒ/2.8L II USM is the latest from Canon. A durable build with weather sealing makes it good for the outdoors, plus the lens is dust- and water-resistant.


  • Crescendo!

    Charles Cramer’s magnificent landscape photographs reflect his musical training in the use of form, balance, dynamic range and a sense of scale

    Ansel Adams described printmaking in musical terms: The negative is the score, and the print the performance.
  • Highlands, North Carolina

    Highlands, N.C., is located on a high plateau within the larger Blue Ridge Mountains, a mature range that's named for the distinctly blue haze said to be the product of trees releasing isoprene into the atmosphere.
  • Rocks For Shots

    How knowing a little geology makes you a better landscape photographer

    I can still recall the first time I laid eyes on the red rock country around Moab, Utah.
  • The Forgotten Intimate Landscape

    Think like Eliot Porter, and adopt a “less is more” approach to your landscapes

    The history of American landscape photography generally has been a continuum of great photographers like William Henry Jackson, Ansel Adams and David Muench training their cameras on the big scenic image.


  • Experience & Perseverance

    Create separation of tones to coax nuances out of your images

    When I'm teaching photographers how they can improve their photography, I often talk about the need for separation of tones in postprocessing.
  • Give ’Em Some Space

    Spring Is For The Birds • Live View Benefits  • The Right Light

    This issue will reach you in April, when spring is really getting started in most of the country.
  • Realizations

    What is photography for you?

    A short one this time, just walking out to Papohaku Beach here on Molokai to watch the sunset.

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