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May 2013


  • Add Scale To Your Grand Scapes

    Incorporating a person into a big vista gives a sense of scale and human interaction to the scene. It’s not right for every photo, but think about it the next time you’re in front of a grand scene.

    Like many of us, my love of photography began with the wild landscape.
  • Revisit Without Reprise

    Take these tips back to the places you think you’ve worn out and you’ll find that there are infinite possibilities for discovery and images

    Beginning in the early 1990s, I set out to explore and photograph every nook and cranny of the canyon country across southern Utah, from the volcanic highlands of the Aquarius Plateau to the remote backcountry of the Dirty Devil Canyons.
  • Stalking Landscapes

    Legendary scenic master Tom Till describes how to use Native American wisdom to find and create dynamic and original images

    Before me in the setting sun, three half-circle rainbows rose from the mists of Kaietuer Falls in Guyana.


  • DSLRs & Lenses For Landscapes

    The best cameras, lenses and gear for achieving the ultimate landscape photography no matter your budget

    Because of their size, ease of use and many advanced features, DSLRs are finding a great deal of popularity with landscape photographers.
  • Gadget Bag: Large Sensors, Compact Cameras

    The brand-new class of fixed-lens compacts with big sensors and pro features

    Compact cameras are facing heated competition from a new era of smartphones that are always connected and offer imaging quality on par with compacts that were introduced only a few years ago.
  • In Focus: May 2013

    The upgraded Nikon DX-format D7100 builds on the popular D7000's success with several important new features.
  • Solutions: Re-Boot

    How to choose the best footwear for your adventures on and off the trail

    The basic construction of a boot consists of the sole, the welt and the upper.


  • Assignments: May 2013

    Check out some of these top shots from the recent Sidelight Assignment

    On these pages are some of the best submissions from that Assignment.
  • Modern Landscape Masters

    Five top photographers describe how they took these inspiring scenic images

    Landscape photography can be a lonely endeavor.
  • Redfish Lake, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

    One of the largest of several hundred gorgeous alpine lakes located in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Redfish Lake sits at the base of the Sawtooth Mountains at an elevation of 6,500 feet in Custer County in central Idaho.
  • The Petrified Forest

    Exploring the area around Petrified Forest National Park, Larry Lindahl shows how this unique environment is a cornucopia for photographers

    In a land of blue mesas and crystal forests, Petrified Forest National Park celebrates a colorful primordial past.


  • Elephant Reflections

    One memorable evening during Botswana's long dry season, I waded into a water hole to capture a perfect reflection of a gathering of elephants at twilight with a full moon suspended in a luminous pink sky.
  • High-Tech Landscapes

    Improved Dynamic Range • Expanded ISO • Extended Depth Of Field • High-Resolution Panoramas Digital Ground Glass

    Perhaps in no other genre of photography has the advancement of technology so greatly improved our technical and creative options.
  • Seeing The Color

    Override your DSLR’s auto features to photograph colors that your eye may not detect

    I've been wondering if there are any secondary effects caused by the amazing automation we find in cameras, especially with auto white balance settings.

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