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May 2014


  • Get Into The Wet Zone

    Kurt Budliger gives us practical tips for creating dynamic coastal seascapes

    Our affinity for and connection to the sea has been deeply rooted in our art and culture for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. In the United States alone, there are more than 95,000 miles of coastline, with approximately 39% of the U.S. population living in a coastal county.
  • Minimalist Landscapes

    No matter the conditions, remove yourself from expectations and focus on what’s there and not on what you wish was there

    It's early morning; your camera gear is packed. With a cup of steaming coffee in your hand, you hike to the viewpoint you selected the previous evening.
  • The Power Of Three

    Reaching beyond the basics of the Rule of Thirds for more dynamic landscape photos

    From the Greeks, who worshipped the amazing properties of triangles, to The Three Stooges, the number three has had a special relationship with human perception, art, music, science, religion and every other field.
  • Working The Landscape

    In this excerpt from his book Capture the Magic, Jack Dykinga guides us through the process of exploring a scene and a composition to create special images

    Occasionally, strong images appear to suddenly jump into my camera, but that's not the norm.


  • Gadget Bag: Polarizing Filters

    For landscape photographers, a polarizer is a must-have accessory you should carry at all times. It does much more than simply darken the sky.

    The term "filter" has become ubiquitous, as the ability to transform the color palette, texture and grain of an image now can be done with one touch using a Photoshop plug-in or an iPhone app.
  • In Focus: May 2014

    The Nikon D4S has been designed to meet the needs of the modern-day multimedia photographer.
  • It’s More Than The Camera

    See what enables and inspires the best landscape photographers to stay out shooting and create their powerful photos

    We asked a number of top landscape photographers about their essential gear—the equipment they always want to have with them—for doing their work.
  • Landscapes In Motion

    Take your movie clips and time-lapse projects using these professional techniques and tools

    Although landscapes are fundamentally static, many nature photographers are discovering that you can use today's sophisticated DSLR technology to create breathtaking motion projects.
  • Solutions: Tracking The Sky

    How to use a tracking mount to get phenomenal starry night photos with your DSLR

    The cooler winter months yield the best skies for pure astrophotography, but for most of us, long, cold nights spent sitting next to a camera with an open shutter really isn't all that appealing.



  • Antarctic Dreams

    The exhilaration of being out of the comfort zone

    I recently returned from an amazing adventure to Antarctica with Michael Reichmann and Kevin Raber's Luminous Landscape photographic workshop. Only three weeks before departure this past January, I was asked to replace an instructor who was unable to go.
  • Rediscovering The Grand Canyon

    A quest to find photographic depth in the remote areas of this favorite national park

    Since moving back to Arizona from Australia, I've been spending a lot of time exploring remote locations in Grand Canyon National Park.
  • What’s In A Name?

    Keeping Track • Essential Gear For Motion Capture

    Digital images are piling up on my hard drives, and I'd like to be able to find them in the future.

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