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November 2009


  • Extreme Wildlife

    Jim Oltersdorf works on the edge to get wild and unique photographs of wildlife and nature as a whole

    "Normal" isn't usually a word that describes what high-risk, extreme outdoor photographers' lives are like. When we think about what they do, it usually conjures up death-defying antics—that somehow they're hanging with a vice-like grip on the arm of Lady Luck to get out alive.
  • Inside A High-End Workshop

    In April 2009, we sent a photographer to Frans Lanting’s workshop to give OP readers a sense of what a multiday workshop with a top pro is like. There’s much more than just learning how to use your camera.

    I’m going to teach you how you can tell stories with pictures, and that’s quite different from taking pictures just by looking at the surface of things.”
  • The GigaScape

    The GigaPan gives you the ability to make images that are higher resolution than you’ve ever dreamed possible

    Do you often feel that photography is advancing faster than you can buy new cameras and computers? Since the advent of digital imaging, it seems the capabilities and complexities expand faster than we mere mortals can master them.


  • Canon EOS 7D

    A new D-SLR that looks tailor-made for nature photography

    The new Canon EOS 7D should be an outstanding camera for outdoor photographers. It features an 18-megapixel CMOS sensor and a shooting rate of up to 8 fps, as well as Canon’s next generation of full HD video with three frame rates.
  • Gadget Bag: iPhone Apps

    Instead of always hauling the Big Boy D-SLR, get creative with the iPhone’s built-in camera and these apps. Low cost and often free, they let you break away from the constraints of your “serious” photography and stay fresh.

    We’ve largely ignored camera phones in OP because they just haven’t been part of the nature photographer’s main photo-shooting toolkit.
  • Holiday Buyer's Guide

    A look at some of the gear that’s available for the nature photographer on your gift list

    As we put together this year’s annual OP Holiday Buyer’s Guide, we’re taking a slightly different approach compared to years past.
  • In Focus: November 2009

    Make sure the rich colors and sharp details you capture outside look as striking in the final print using the Epson Stylus Pro 3880.
  • Moto Foto

    Trekking far from the pavement is in every nature photographer’s blood. Using a motorcycle to do it can be the perfect “viewfinder.”

    Silver Canyon Road to the crest of the Bristlecone Forest had only just opened in the spring, at least nearly as far as the Patriarch Grove. Up there at 11,000 feet in the White Mountains, some lingering snow pack still blocked further progress even at the end of May.


  • Churchill, Manitoba Canada

    Churchill, Manitoba, the “Polar Bear Capital of the World,” is located on the southwestern shore of Canada’s Hudson Bay.
  • Dreamscapes

    Ian Plant’s landscapes aren’t abstracts and they aren’t entirely literal. Plant uses uniquely photographic techniques and tools to transform the scene, and his images end up going far beyond a documentary shot.

    Photographer Ian Plant challenges many of the conventional notions that define landscape photography.
  • Turning Point

    The International League of Conservation Photographers looks to expand its reach and influence with a new director

    Just four years ago, a group of nature photographers assembled in Anchorage, Alaska, during the Eighth World Wilderness Congress to talk about how they could play a more pivotal role in the conservation movement.


  • Adding Sound

    Any filmmaker knows the soundtrack is an integral part of the visual experience. By adding sound to video or multimedia shows, you can give them a richer dimension.

    We’re heading to a multimedia age. As new HD video-capable D-SLRs come online with more and more frequency, nature photographers are increasingly able to add dimension to their photography by incorporating motion and still imagery into short presentations.
  • Respectful Distance

    When I first traveled to the Falkland Islands in the mid-1980s, I encountered very few other visitors. I was able to roam alone and marvel at the islands’ abundant wildlife. When I returned a few years ago, great changes had taken place.
  • Shooting Under Paradise

    Getting Wet • HDR On Moving Subjects • JPEG Sources • Viewing Video On Your LCD

    During a recent foray to Hawai’i to give seminars and workshops for the Canon Explorers of Light, I knew I’d be doing some snorkeling. (Hey! Somebody has to do this job!) I’ve previously used PowerShot compact digital cameras with underwater housings.
  • Social Networking For Photographers

    Are you on Facebook? Do you 'tweet'? Make use of the web to find new fans

    Outdoor Photographer has one. My little sister has one. Now I have one.

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