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November 2011


  • Land And Sky

    Tips for getting dramatic photos in the wide-open expanse of the American prairie

    When the beauty of nature and chaos collided, it created the prairie.
  • RAW vs. JPEG

    Should you be using one, the other or both?

    Is there still a reason to discuss RAW versus JPEG?
  • Solutions: Rolling Shutter

    Discover this little-known artifact that’s generated from some digital cameras when the conditions are exactly right

    We recently received an email from a contributor who had taken a photograph out of the window of a small airplane.
  • The Dark Secret Of Digital Photography

    How the dark side of your photos can be limiting your prints

    Digital photography vastly expands our opportunities for better pictures. We can now shoot in lower light with higher quality results, instantly see our images as we capture them and easily process those images for the best results.
  • Workshop Diary

    A global photographer gives us a feel for the agenda and flow of a high-end workshop when he treks to China with Art Wolfe

    The opportunity to study with a master photographer in the field, to see what he or she is seeing, and to travel with someone with a knowledge of the best locations and the ideal times to photograph them, are all great reasons for taking an "on-the-road" photography workshop.


  • Gadget Bag: Trail Lights

    Small flashlights have 1001 uses for an outdoor photographer in autumn

    If you want to get the very best photos, you need to capture the very best light.
  • In Focus: November 2011

    With a bigger sensor, stronger audio capabilities and AVCHD 2.0 HD video support, the Sony NEX-VG20 is the second generation of Sony's Handycam interchangeable-lens camcorder.
  • Our Guide To Mirrorless Cameras

    Combining compact size with the interchangeable lenses of a DSLR, mirrorless cameras offer the outdoor photographer a capable, lightweight option

    Outdoor photography—landscape, wildlife, close-up, travel and sports—covers a lot of territory and demands cameras that deliver excellent image quality and a wide range of focal lengths.
  • Sony SLT-A77

    The latest translucent-mirror DSLR from Sony has a 24.3-megapixel sensor, with continuous phase-detection AF and eye-level viewing for stills and video

    The new SLT-A77 is the long-awaited successor to Sony's A700 enthusiast APS-C DSLR.


  • Assignments: November 2011

    Photo Assignments From The Editor Of Outdoor Photographer Magazine

    The Black And White Assignment was one of the most popular that we've run, and it attracted some of the best photography.
  • People In Color

    Nevada Wier is the quintessential traveler and global adventurer. Among her recent destinations are the outer, less-known areas of Burma and India.

    In the last decade, with the nation enthralled in two wars, combat photojournalism and photojournalists have woven their way into the day-to-day fabric of all of our lives.
  • Photographing With Purpose

    By creating more meaningful work, you can find greater focus and develop a stronger voice, leading to deeper satisfaction and growth as a photographer

    What does it mean to be a photographer with purpose?
  • Sperry Peak, Cascade Range, Washington

    Sperry Peak is located in the Cascade Mountains along a section of the scenic Mountain Loop Highway.


  • Be An Outdoors Person

    Improve your nature skills to improve your photography

    An endless supply of unique, never-photographed locations awaits all of us in the more remote areas of our country. Getting to these locations is the challenge.
  • Playing In The Rain

    Bad weather, good photos

    I get a kick out of shooting in the worst kinds of weather—rain, snow, sandstorms—that sort of thing.
  • Speed Up To Slow Down

    Slo-Mo Video • What You Get Isn’t What You Got • False Magnification?

    Are these photographers using special cameras and software, or can I do this with my DSLR's HD video?
  • Wilderness Reflections

    California's Sierra Nevada has drawn people ever since word first got out about its breathtaking beauty. In the 1860s, Alfred Bierstadt enshrined these mountains as an iconic American place with his monumental paintings.

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