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November 2012


  • Conquer Composition

    How to create depth and dimension for dynamic photographs

    There's a reason why so many people in this world enjoy picking up a camera and capturing the magic that lies in front of them.
  • Shoot For The Stars

    Good Night Sky • When The World Is Flat • Staking A Clamp Or Plamp

    Lately I've seen a number of interesting images of the night sky showing a silhouetted foreground and the Milky Way.
  • Yosemite Range of Light

    Shawn Reeder’s masterful time-lapse explores Yosemite National Park

    Shawn Reeder, a photographer, filmmaker and musician based in the magical nexus between the majesty of the Sierras and the expansive grandeur of Yosemite, recently completed an engaging time-lapse project called "Yosemite Range of Light."


  • Gadget Bag: Best Printers for Fall

    Make sure the season of spectacular colors translates to your prints

    As autumn arrives, it's time to get out and make striking color photos.
  • In Focus: November 2012

    On your next adventure, take the Pentax Optio WG-2 GPS with you no matter how rough the environment.
  • Solutions: Metal

    Try this special process for unique effects in your lab prints

    Photographers who sell prints and are looking for an edge may do well to consider metallic prints.
  • Solutions: To A “T”

    You can attach a lot of wild and exotic lenses to your camera with a T-mount system

    The T-mount system first appeared as an early solution for the age-old problem facing photographers who wanted to use the same lens on two or more camera bodies with unlike mounts.
  • The Year Of Full-Frame DSLRs

    The landscape for nature photographers who are in the market for a full-frame DSLR has never been richer

    Landscape photographers, in particular, have some very good reasons for adopting a full-frame workflow.


  • A Trek In The Wind River Range

    David Muench returns to this special area and experiences it anew. The great landscape photographers constantly refresh their vision by exploring familiar places as if for the first time.

    Leaning against a block of granite below our tent site at 10,200 feet in Wyoming's Wind River Range, we dawdled over coffee. Sunlight, descending the ridge behind us, moved across us, and down, onto the glaciated rock below.
  • Assignments: November 2012

    Photo Assignments From The Editor Of Outdoor Photographer Magazine

    I discovered that the largest, sometimes most colorful maple trees in New England were in cemeteries because they hadn't been cut down over the generations.
  • On A Photo Hunt

    Italian wildlife photographer Stefano Ronchi creates high-impact wildlife photographs through careful study of behavior and a mastery of technique

    Stefano Ronchi was born in Caravaggio, Italy, in 1965. At 15, he bought his first camera.
  • The Palouse, Washington State And Idaho

    Covering more than 6,000 square miles of southeastern Washington and northwestern Idaho, the Palouse was named by the French when they came across this area of rich topsoil that lies across bucolic, rounded knolls and hillocks.


  • From Eye Candy To Soul Food

    A project that connects photography and what’s right with the world

    Thus began a journey that changed me both as a photographer and as a person.
  • Photographs For The Spirit

    Problem-solving is an integral part of the process of nature photography

    For this column, I want to share some new images.

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