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November 2013


  • Action Filmmaking 101

    Most short action movies are actually pretty dull. Here are some tips for creating a film that will keep your audience engaged.

    Creating a compelling short film is easy, with a little planning and a willingness to stop what you're doing and position the camera and the action properly.
  • Gigapixel

    How to create large-scale panoramic images with intricate detail using your everyday DSLR

    Digital photography is an amazing medium.
  • Multitasking With Macro

    Consider the talents of a 90mm macro lens at both ends of the composition spectrum

    In traditional terms, the focal-length range from 80mm to 135mm has been considered ideal for portraits.
  • Solutions: Zone Focusing

    Go to manual and try this technique to get sharp close-ups in challenging conditions

    When you're shooting macro, sharpness is especially critical.


  • Classic Glass

    Your favorite optics live again—in digital reincarnation

    In the early 1970s, when SLR photography experienced its first major growth spurt and digital was an uncommon phrase that referred to the use of one's fingers, the Holy Grail of lenses, at least for Nikon owners, consisted of three Nikkors
  • Gadget Bag: Self-Publish

    Making your own high-quality photo book is easy

    Digital image files have made it simple for any photographer to upload and print their own high-quality photo books.
  • In Focus: November 2013

    Photographers looking for a fast prime lens will take note of the Sigma 35mm ƒ/1.4 DG HSM Art lens.
  • The New Wave Of Mirrorless

    Today’s mirrorless cameras offer the nature photographer DSLR image quality in much smaller packages

    The original concept behind the mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera was to provide DSLR image quality without DSLR bulk.


  • Adventures In The Landscapes

    Adam Barker has achieved perfect balance, melding the personal with the professional in his outdoor photography

    Adam Barker is a man of needs.
  • Havasupai Reborn

    After a number of massive weather-related changes reshaped this iconic location, Kerrick James reflects on the past and the future of Havasupai

    The landscape of the Colorado Plateau is ephemeral, a changeling, although to beings with short life spans, this land seems immutable, a constant.
  • Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

    It's a nature photographer's paradise because so much material can be found within a 15- to 20-minute drive between most of these locations.


  • Light Painting

    Using small LED lights, you can create some impressive backcountry night photographs

    If I can name one thing in photography that really brings the kid out in me, it has to be light painting.
  • Look! Something Shiny!

    Starring The Sparkles • It’s All In The Cards • Cover-Ups

    Specular highlights, those seemingly random pinpoints of light reflected from shiny surfaces, can be huge distractions in photography.
  • The Precious Few

    After many safaris, cheetahs are still among the most alluring subjects in Africa to me.

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