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October 2012


  • Digital Pitfalls: A Cautionary Tale

    Tom Till recently had an epiphany about how much enhancement is too much. It’s easy to become enamored of the power of digital to make colors pop, but it’s also easy to become addicted to the point where you need more and more.

    The email was unlike any I had ever received.
  • Pro Tips For Dynamic Fall Color

    Top professionals share their techniques for capturing the best of autumn

    Every nature photographer knows that fall is prime time.
  • Wildlife Panoramas

    Try composite panoramas to get a wider view of wildlife while keeping the animals prominent in the frame

    Readers of Outdoor Photographer Magazine and students at my seminars and field workshops know I love to create panoramic images.


  • Gadget Bag: Apps For Nature Photography

    A bevy of apps you should always have with you

    Once you get past the ability to make a phone call or check email, the usefulness of smartphones and tablets is all in the apps.
  • Gear For Still And HD-Video Capture

    Essential equipment for getting the best still and motion imagery and sound in the field

    The onslaught of DSLRs that can shoot professional-caliber HD video has not slowed.
  • In Focus: October 2012

    Canon enters the mirrorless, interchangeable-lens camera category with the EOS M.
  • Solutions: Nik HDR Efex Pro 2

    Finer control and more functionality in the new version of this popular software

    The best HDR is less noticeable than the hard line of a graduated neutral-density filter cutting through the frame (which used to be the only way to control high-contrast scenes).
  • Solutions: The Camera That’s With You

    Consider a pocket point-and-shoot

    I'm the first to admit that I'm a camera snob.


  • Lessons Learned From Galen Rowell

    Beyond his talents and his enduring and inspirational art, Galen Rowell was a great mentor to many intrepid outdoor photographers. We discuss a few of his most famous techniques and how you can apply his approach to your photography.

    August 11 marks the 10-year anniversary of the deaths of Galen Rowell and his wife Barbara in a plane crash on approach to the Bishop, Calif., airport late that night.
  • Melt Down

    James Balog and his Extreme Ice Survey continue to break ground in documenting the world’s vanishing glaciers

    The undertaking, called the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS), has 27 cameras pointed at 18 glaciers in Greenland, Iceland, the Nepalese Himalaya, Alaska and the Rocky Mountains in the United States.
  • Octoraro Creek, Pennsylvania

    Designated for conservation efforts in 1983 as one of 13 Pennsylvania Scenic Rivers, Octoraro Creek is a 22-mile-long tributary of the massive Susquehanna River.
  • The Traveler

    Joe Van Os has pioneered exotic photo tours to locations where individuals on their own would find access difficult or impossible. As a 30-plus-year veteran of the business, he shares his insight on photo tours and photo safaris.

    Joe Van Os knows how to travel.


  • Look Into My Iris

    Understanding Apertures • An Eagle-Eyed Reader • Calibrating The Color Of An iPad • Speed Up Your Laptop

    The aperture setting is critical to three different aspects of image capture.
  • My Favorite Things

    The gear Elizabeth Carmel relies on for her landscape photography

    I hope Oprah won't mind if I use a tagline she made famous.
  • Photo Fixie

    In the zone with a prime lens

    Single-speed mountain bike riders, boulderers, prime lens users.

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