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October 2013


  • 10 Tips For Fall

    Rod Planck shares some of his favorite techniques for the leaves of autumn

    Fall is the nature photographer's dream season.
  • Create A Photo eBook

    The tablet revolution has brought new life to e-books. We’ll show you how to make an impressive and full-featured e-book from your photos.

    Traditional photo books have dropped off significantly in today's market.
  • Pro Fall Color Hot Spots

    With the season of vibrant hues upon us, pro nature photographers from around the country share some of their favorite places to get the best of autumn

    To capture the best of autumn color, you have to be in the right place at the right time.
  • The Many Looks From Telezooms

    Daniel J. Cox took an 80-400mm telezoom to the Galápagos to have a single lens that could create a tight portrait or back off to photograph behavior

    I remember my first zoom lens, the Nikkor 80-200mm ƒ/2.8, as a gift from on high, a bulky chunk of metal and glass dropped down from another planet.


  • Essential Accessories

    Augment your DSLR and high-quality lenses with some key equipment that will help you take your photos to the next level

    A ballhead is the most popular type for landscape photography because it lets you position the camera as you wish, then lock it there with a twist of a knob.
  • Gadget Bag: The Fall Color Filter

    For cutting glare and getting natural saturated reds, yellows and oranges, the polarizer is your autumn companion

    The polarizer works its magic especially well on fall colors.
  • In Focus: October 2013

    As the newest addition to the Canon EOS line, the EOS 70D is an advanced step up from the entry-level DSLR still camera and an exciting venture into video shooting.
  • Solutions: Limiting Diffraction

    Defeat this sharpness-robbing phenomenon by considering the focal length of your lens and choosing an appropriate aperture

    Have you ever looked at your photos and detected an annoying lack of sharpness?


  • Assignments: October 2013

    The Best Of The Assignments Submissions From outdoorphotographer.com

    The submissions were excellent, and we reached out to several photographers to publish their work here in the magazine.
  • Little Hawksbill Crag, Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

    Little Hawksbill Crag presents a dramatic view overlooking the White River in Arkansas.
  • Next Generation Landscapes

    Digital innovation has allowed Marc Adamus to deliver a more refined vision than ever before. It’s the new look of landscape photography.

    When Marc Adamus was a kid, he loved spending time studying maps of exotic locations.


  • Lepp On Fall Color

    As the days shorten and the leaves turn, Tech Tips offers up some advice for getting your best shots of the season

    Relax. It doesn't happen on just one day.
  • Rainforest Rhapsody

    How to protect your equipment for a trek to a tropical jungle environment

    For many nature and travel shooters, the boom in ecotourism has provided many new, exciting photo opportunities
  • The Impact Of A Print

    Through her gallery, Elizabeth Carmel uses photography to connect people with the natural world

    So how's the gallery doing?

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