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September 2004


  • Making It Big

    A pro nature photographer shares how a quality poster was created from his own 6-megapixel image

    I remember the first time I became aware of megapixels and how they related to the quality of the final image. More than three years ago, I was in Costco, and the store was promoting the sale of 2- to 3-megapixel cameras. The 11x14-inch print of a mountain goat caught my eye. I closely inspected it and searched intently for the telltale signs of digital capture. There were no jaggies, no noise. The colors were superb and there was excellent detail in the fur of the snowy white animal.
  • Mastering Light In The Landscape

    Set your scenic photography apart by learning to use light for better photos

    What makes one landscape image stand out from another? Is it location? We’ve all seen stale photographs from the most dramatic destinations, so location alone isn’t enough. Is it composition? A well-composed image is essential, but it can look artificial if the scene isn’t right.


  • Gadget Bag: Gear For Panoramas

    Create stunning, seamless panoramas with the right photography gadgets

    There’s a special allure to panoramic pictures. They force you to move your eyes across the image, even turn your body to take it all in. It’s as if the photographer wants you to take an active part in viewing the landscape, instead of just giving it one static look. Panoramas are special because in the past, you didn’t see them very often, mostly because they were so expensive to produce, requiring specific cameras and processing equipment. With the right gear and software today, however, you can make beautiful panoramas quite easily using regular film or digital cameras.
  • Top Lens Choices For Digital Cameras

    Specially designed optics optimize your camera's performance

    Digital photography hasn’t just changed our cameras; it’s changing our lenses, too. D-SLRs and advanced compacts alike now sport specialized optics tuned for the new requirements of digital image sensors. Before we get into all that new glass, though, you’ll need to know what these lenses are designed to do.


  • Comfort In The Backcountry

    Get a roof over your head and inspiring locations for photos by exploring the possibilities of remote lodges


  • Clifty Falls State Park, Indiana

    In southeastern Indiana lies one of the state's most rugged and photogenic areas. Clifty Falls State Park occupies 1,416 acres west of the historic Ohio River town of Madison. The main attraction is the spectacular, three-mile-long, 300-foot-deep canyon of Clifty Creek, cut into the high bluffs towering above the Ohio River. Most of the canyon lies within the 178-acre Clifty Canyon Nature Preserve.
  • Quick Support

    Achieve stability and speedy access to your camera with this useful gear

    Tripods and monopods ensure that the images we create are sharp. The sturdy legs and rugged designs offer a stable plat-form for creating virtually any image. There are moments when we want to quickly change the position of the camera, however, and that’s where special designs and accessories make the difference.

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