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September 2006

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  • Filters & The Landscape

    Choose and use filters to improve and enhance your landscape photographs

    Filters are a big part of landscape photography, and every photographer needs a few. Though you’ll hear some shooters talk about all the possibilities available through the digital darkroom, achieving an effect in-camera is often easier and simplifies your Photoshop workflow. Some effects, such as the polarizer’s reduction of glare on water, aren’t even possible in a computer.
  • Motion Control

    How to turn moving subjects into moving photos

    There are two basic ways to handle a moving subject photographically: freeze it with a fast shutter speed or blur it with a long exposure. But there’s a little more to successful action photography than that.
  • Shoot Digital For B & W

    Discover the monochrome world using your digital camera

    At one time, if you were interested in black-and-white photography, you had to have access to a wet darkroom. Yes, your local photo lab could provide black-and-white prints, but they were flat and unimpressive compared to what you could achieve on your own under the glow of the red safe light. Now you can produce black-and-white images from your digital files and, most importantly, produce stunning monochrome prints that are as good as anything created on silver-based papers.


  • Epson Stylus Pro 4800

    Improved B&W printing is delivered with a new large-format printer

    For me, the allure of the Epson Stylus Pro 4800 wasn’t only its ability to produce prints up to 17 inches wide. It wasn’t just that it could create dramatic, borderless panoramic prints on roll paper. And although the printer’s UltraChrome K3 pigment inks provide a lightfastness of more than 100 years, it wasn’t what was driving me to quickly set up this large-format printer and put it through its paces.
  • Gadget Bag: Digital Image Management

    Take the work out of photo organization with these smart applications

    Organizing digital photos isn’t why most of us enjoy photography. Managing images rates right up there with chores we’d rather put off, like taking out the trash. In spite of that, it’s something we all need to do as the number of images in our collection grows rapidly.
  • Sony DSLR-A100

    How Sony changes the playing field for the D-SLR market

    Outdoor photographers have had a strong interest in digital SLRs because of their versatility and access to varied focal lengths. Plus, high megapixels provide the digital data to make large prints with lots of detail, so when Sony announced a new 10.2-megapixel D-SLR, everyone in the industry paid attention. Whatever brand D-SLR you shoot, Sony’s new entry into the market affects you as it puts a very strong camera into the competitive fray.


  • Crex Meadows Wildlife Area, Wisconsin

    Crex Meadows is a mix of flowages, wetlands, prairies and forest located in northwest Wisconsin. About 30,000 acres in size, it has an excellent system of gravel roads that allows you to travel the edges as well as cut across the central areas of the park. The easiest way to find the park is by taking Interstate 35 north from Minneapolis, Minn., to Highway 70.
  • Living With A Digital Projector

    Are today's digital projectors ready for photographers? Are slideshows back?

    The slideshow has a long tradition for outdoor photographers. From the single-trip show ("My Visit to Yellowstone") to photo clubs to pros giving lectures and seminars, projecting images onto a screen has been an important part of displaying nature photos.

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