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September 2012


  • Gear Up Your Photo Vehicle

    Accessories to turn your car into a photography companion

    Photographers such as Galen Rowell famously traveled light and bounded up mountains with nothing but a camera and lens.
  • Is That Really How It Looked?

    Understanding how your DSLR sees the world will help you take pictures that match your vision

    The truth is, great photographers understand that it's impossible to duplicate human vision with a camera and plan their images accordingly without feeling frustrated by the inability to duplicate the color, contrast or depth their eyes see.
  • Storm Watch

    How to capture the power and beauty of dramatic weather

    Darkening skies, a flash of lightning and a distant clap of thunder.


  • Gadget Bag: Compact HD Cams

    They’re small, they’re light, they produce outstanding footage, and they’re everywhere. Why you should have one in your bag.

    The world of the small video camera has exploded lately.
  • In Focus: September 2012

    Using the Canon EOS Rebel T4i and the STM (Stepping Motor Technology) lenses developed for it to shoot video on your next trip should be a quiet experience.
  • Solutions: Polarizer Basics

    How to get results with this must-have filter

    The polarizer is the single most used filter in nature photography.
  • Teleconverters

    These simple devices give you more reach with your telephotos for high-impact wildlife, macro and even landscape photography

    A really long lens will fill the frame with the subject, but really long lenses are really expensive and bulky.


  • Acadia National Park, Maine

    Acadia National Park is a little more than 160 miles up the coast from Portland, Maine.
  • The Dream Chaser

    Michael Routh finds inspiration in the solitude of the less-explored backcountry

    In Native American cultures, a dream catcher—a handmade decorated hoop with a net—is used to filter nightmares and snare dreams.
  • The Rhino Horn Trade

    The story at the consumer end

    Two years ago, I was filming with a German TV team in a new casino town on the Laos/China border.


  • Deep Focus

    Focus On Wildflowers • To Print, Or Not To Print • Auto ISO Isn’t Just For Beginners

    My wildflower photographs usually fall short.
  • Elevating Your Game

    Get a new perspective to make your photos stand out

    It's the kind of challenge I get more and more frequently in these tight economic times.

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