By Rebecca Latson

Storm Coming My Way – Hopi Point, South Rim- Grand Canyon National Park

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Grand Canyon Village
Brief Directions

After entering the park, park in the Bright Angel Lodge parking area and hop one of the shuttles that take the Hermit Road route to Hermits Rest. Hopi Point view area is the 5th stop along the route. Except for certain limited times of the year, cars are not allowed along this route, so your choices are to either take the shuttle bus, or hike the South Rim Trail to this view area.


If you go to the park in late autumn, make sure you bring along warm clothing and rain gear for both yourself and your camera, as the weather can change from hour to hour.


This shot was taken at Hopi Point along the South Rim of the park, just before I hopped a shuttle to go to the next view area. A storm was brewing and heading my way, and the clouds were pillowy and created alot of light- and shadow-play that I thought would be better brought out as a black and white photo.

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