By Edward Mendes

Valley Of Gold, Grand Teton Np

Nearest Area
Jackson Hole
Jackson, WY
Brief Directions

Not to difficult to get to, in the Snake River overlook parking area.


This is one of the most well known vistas in Grand Teton National Park and makes for a beautiful sunrise image and the perfect way to greet the day. I entered the park well before sunrise to make sure I was able to find the composition I wanted, but to my surprised I was the only one taking advantage of the beautiful light striking the Teton Range on this particular morning. I set my tripod up, standing on the retaining wall to get as high of a vantage point as I could in an attempt to see over the foreground trees that have partially overtaken the view during the last few decades and simply waited as the rising sun bathed the Tetons and the valley below in soft rays of gold. I made a number of exposures over the course of about 30 minutes as the sun continued to rise in the morning sky. This exposure however had the perfect balance of soft golden side light while still retaining a hint of pink in the sky behind Grand Teton and its neighboring peaks.

Date Added
March 12, 2011
Date Taken
December 3, 2011

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