By Eleanor Caputo

The Beautiful Desolate Earth – Mono Lake, Ca

Nearest Area
Mono County
Brief Directions

A Rich Community In the middle distance there rests upon the desert plain what appears to be a wide sheet of burnished metal, so even and brilliant is its surface. It is Lake Mono. At times the waters reflect the mountains beyond with strange distinctness and impress one as being in some way peculiar, but usually their ripples gleam and flash in the sunlight like the waves of ordinary lakes. No one would think from a distant view that the water which seems so bright and enticing is in reality so dense and alkaline that it would quickly cause death of a traveler who could find no other way with which to quench his thirst. Israel C. Russell Quaternary History of the Mono Valley, 1889


I made this shot with a 10-20 Sigma gold fisheye lens. The formation sticking out of the water are called tufas. They are only formed under water so you can see how far Mono Lake has receded. There is no long a natural water source to feed the lake because they have diverted the water for public use. Mono Lake will one day be a memory. Normally I hope for dramatic cloud formations but on this day, I feel the smooth plain sky adds to the beauty of the desolate scene.

Date Added
April 11, 2009
Date Taken
April 11, 2009

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