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Video By: Andrew Wheeler

Video Details

  • Title: Flow
  • Description: This video demonstrates a new blending technique that I am developing. I am combining live HD video with still HDR photographs resulting in a "Living HDR" effect. This is NOT time-lapse. A nod to Ken Burns for the inspiration. This particular video was shot in upstate New York and features waterfalls from the Finger Lakes region a music by one of my favorite artists Jace Everett (Of True Blood Theme fame). Any comments and/or questions are always welcomed.

    List of "participants"

    Waterfalls courtesy of the finger lakes region of New York State.

    Lenses exclusively used on this shoot by Sigma Corporation.

    Camera used: Sony a77v

    "Slip Away" used with permission in this video. Please check out Jace Everett @

    Software utilized for production: HDRSoft Photomatix, Sony Vegas, Adobe Lightroom, Premiere, and Photoshop, Nik Software Plugins.

    The effect I use in the video I have dubbed "Living HDR/Faucet Effect" because I am using my HDR photos, overlaying and blending live HD video with them. The technique uses no special plug-ins or masks. As you will see in the video, it has the effect of a moving HDR and then freezes as if someone is turning off time with a faucet. Motion is achieved by painstakingly aligning and synchronized simultaneous panning of both the live footage and the HDR still.

    If you are interested in using the "living HDR" or "Faucet Effect" technique, please contact me. I will have a short tutorial out soon as well on how you can achieve the effect.
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