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Hot Springs General Store

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Big Bend National Park, Hot Springs Trail
Hot Springs
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TX 118 from Alpine to Study Butte or FM 170 from Presidio to Study Butte (then 26 miles east to park headquarters) or US 90 or US 385 to Marathon (then 70 miles south to park headquarters). Distances between towns and services are considerable. Be sure you have plenty of gas, oil, food, and water for your trip.


A 20 minute exposure allowed for the star trails. The building was then "painted" with a flashlight in a separate exposure and merged in camera using the D90's Image Overlay feature.


The town is appropriately named for that is exactly what it is, a town of hot springs. The first users of the springs were the Indians living along the Rio Grande. The curative properties of the springs attracted a J. O. Langford who had suffered from malaria since contracting it as a child. Langford purchased the site of the springs in 1909 for $1.61 per acre. The Langford family left their home in Mississippi for the site they purchased sight unseen. Langford's health began to improve after daily baths in the hot springs permitting him to begin improving the property. In time, he developed a wide clientele of people traveling long distances in search of a cure for a variety of ailments. The site eventually was developed into a complete facility for invalids seeking treatment in the curative waters. In 1942, the site was sold to the state of Texas that it might become a part of the Big Bend National Park. No one as resided at Hot Springs since 1952. The buildings and springs are protected by the National Park Service and are accessible to the public.

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