By Steve Ember

Matterhorn Above The Clouds

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 40D
Nearest Area
Canton Valais/Wallis, Switzerland
Brief Directions

Gornergratbahn rack railway from Zermatt up to the top at Gornergrat


Photo + Narrative ©2011/2012 Steve Ember


It probably wasn’t too promising for photography in Zermatt and the valleys below on this autumn afternoon. Ah, but at ten thousand-plus feet on the Gornergrat, it was a photographer's paradise. The cloud deck had topped out just below the Gornergratbahn station, affording this superbly clear view across to the mighty Matterhorn, rising above the wispy tops of the cumulus, set off by the high altitude sunshine and deep blue skies. Last October, I realized a long held wish – to stay at the hotel on the Gornergrat, high above Zermatt and eye-to-eye with the Matterhorn and the peaks of the Monte Rosa Massif. The hotel’s full name is 3100 Kulm Hotel. The 3100 refers to meters above sea level – that’s 10,170 feet worth of altitude if you like the bigger numbers ;-) Knowing weather conditions at such altitudes can be fickle, I arranged to stay for three nights, to ensure the best chances for shooting under the best conditions. I needn't have worried, as my luck held out for the entire period. And when one can end each photo-packed day as well as greet the dawn eye to eye with the Matterhorn from one's window...well, it just doesn't get better than that for an Alpine-loving camera-toter

Date Added
April 10, 2012
Date Taken
October 4, 2012

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