By Mike Isaak

Panatahi Island Sunset

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
Karekare Beach
Brief Directions

A winding drive from Auckland through forest.


A nice wide open beah


Arriving at Karekare Beach well before sunset, it gave me plenty of time to look for compositions. My main goal here was to take a shot of the rock formation that juts out of the ocean just off the coast. I brought along an iPhone with The Photographer’s Ephemeris so I could know exactly where the sun was going to set. After searching for a while, I finally settled on a composition. Knowing when and where the sun was setting, this gave me some time to further explore the beach and to have a look at everything around me. The hills to the north, and the sand in front of me, was glowing from the setting sun. I set up my tripod and composed a few shots. After snapping a few photos, and with the sun nearly setting, I turned my attention back to the composition I had selected earlier. This is a photo of the rock formation, and I actually found out through Google maps, that it’s called Panatahi Island. I waited for the sun to break out from behind the clouds and snapped a few photos with the golden light blanketing the sandy beach. I love the backlight on the seaweed and was lucky enough to capture a small sunstar. Rangitoto Volcano by Mike Isaak Mountain Sunrise by Mike Isaak Last Light by Mike Isaak Whispy Clouds by Mike Isaak Aspens by Mike Isaak Unknown Creek Sunset by Mike Isaak Out to Sea by Mike Isaak Northern Lights by Mike Isaak Lower Waterfowl Lakes by Mike Isaak Dragonfly Horizontal by Mike Isaak Bow Valley Lookout by Mike Isaak Cali Rocks Colour by Mike Isaak Dragonfly by Mike Isaak Rangitoto Volcano B+W by Mike Isaak Autumn Reflections by Mike Isaak Share on Tumblr Embed Embed

Date Added
January 20, 2012
Date Taken
January 1, 1970

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