By William Haubert

Aspen Canopy

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
Cedar Breaks NM
Cedar City
Brief Directions

On Utah State route 14, look for a clump of aspens that you like. Then take a hike. Get out of the car and (1) enjoy the aspens and (2) look for your photo op. It will be there!


Captivated by the beauty of the pale yellow aspens against the deep blue sky at almost 10,000 feet, I decided to try to capture the way in which they made my spirit soar. While I think the image does that, I'm glad no one actually saw me make the image. Here's my equipment: camera, coke bottle, and map. I laid on the ground on my back, using the half-full coke bottle to prop/cushion my neck. With my right hand, I held and shot the camera. My left hand held a map that I positioned just out of the wide-angle sight line to block the sunlight that otherwise would have produced lens flare. I must have looked like a crazy-man writhing on the ground, but I got my shot!

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