By Edward Mendes

Morning Reflections

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
Lake Tahoe
Tahoe City
Brief Directions

Emerald Bay State Park is on State Route 89 near the southwest shore of the lake.


Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine fresh water lake in the United States and is known for having the cleanest water as well. The lake is filled with numerous sweeping views but none more beautiful then Emerald Bay, with it's tree lined shores and picturesque island in it's center. I've driven around the lake many times and knew exactly where I wanted to setup. I arrived well before sunrise and took my time setting up and composing the image, all the while watching the light and color both in the sky and reflecting off the still water. I knew I wanted to capture as much color reflecting off the water as possible so I would be making the exposure just prior to sunrise while the most color was in the sky and being picked up by in the water. Because of this no light would be coming over the crest of the mountains so the tress around the lake would be silhouetted, acting as a frame to highlight the color in the sky and water.

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