By Peter Coskun

Red Rock Autumn

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 7D
Oak creek canyon

The west fork of Oak Creek Canyon is one of if not the best place for fall colors in Arizona. In late October, the maples and oaks turn red yellow and orange and line the red canyon walls. It is similar to the subway in Zion national park, but not nearly as strenuous of a hike I am sure. At the three mile marker, the trail turns into water, and at this time of the year that means many choose to stop for a snack and head back. However, just further upstream is a fantasy land of color that only the hardy get to witness. After wading through the long pool, I contemplated if it was a good idea or not, the possibility of hypothermia crossed my mind more than once, but I knew there was something special here. The light just filtering through the canyon walls as I snapped a few frames of the colorful trees against the canyon walls. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I've come across, and a very peaceful one at that.

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