By Matt Anderson

Ox Bow Bend Cliche

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
Grand Teton National Park
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

I was lucky enough to get a vantage point that isn't very common . A kind tourist let me climb up top his rather mammoth RV and re-position it for the perfect view. Our teamwork framed the mountains betwixt the near foreground sage brush along the shoreline and the far grove of aspens for an exemplary (I hope) layering of warm and cool elements. I stayed in a cabin near mormon row (popular barns) for days. It wasn't until the fourth day when the smoke from the many fires in the area finally dissipated, and the obscured pinnacles of wonder appeared. Nikon D800E & 70-200mm AFS VRII 92mm f/16 CPL Come circle me on Google Plus, I promise, it won't hurt...

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