By Aubra Franklin

Winter Whisper

Equipment Info
Phase One IQ180
Nearest Area
Maroon Bells

It's no secret that the Maroon Bells are one of the most photographed landscapes on earth. Typically, waters edge, reflection, the Bells towering in the distance - summer, fall color, you name it. By all accounts, breathtaking. My very first landscape image was an absolute stunning sunrise at this very spot. I've been back dozens of times and have yet to witness one even close. Year after year I have a quest to find that truly unique composition. Therefore, this image, Winter Whisper, is one of my most satisfying images as it is truly "unique". On this's particular day, I had been shooting around the front of maroon lake with little success. Then, as I was snow shoeing out I noticed this snowdrift. Could this be "it", the "unique" composition. The setting was absolutely perfect. Beautiful backlight, perfectly placed starburst between two aspen trees; the foreground snow drift situated diagonally creating energy and movement, the mountains on the left and right cropped triangularly, mimicking the triangular maroon bells. And, If that wasn't enough, the sunlight spilling over the snow revealing amazing textures and a sensual curve which tends to soften the entire image. Yes, this was the "unique" image of the maroon bells that has been eluding me for so long.

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