Storm Clouds At The Deep Quarry Lake Forest Preserve

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A few nights back on my way back home from work, looking up the sky, I had a feeling its going to be a good sunset. I started scanning in my mind where can I go and shoot. Recently, I have developed a habit of mapping out potental places and then looking through Google earth and TPE (The Photographers' Ephemeris) and get a fairly good idea of the position of the sun during sunset. I try to find a big lake to catch some reflection too if there are chances of any dramatic cloud formation. So I headed out to the West Branch of the Dupage Forest Preserve hoping to catch the sunset over the Deep Quarry Lake in Wayne,IL. Sometimes, when I look at the photos of the contemporary artists, I see most of those are shot in California, which makes sense, because in terms of natural beauty the West coast is second to none in US. Illinois, in that way is pretty flat, but the forest preserves even with their artficial landfills can sometimes make a pretty decent landscape shot if one can catch the light at the right time. Once, I reached the Deep Quarry lake, I took the trail and positioned myself on the south west side of the lake, trying to catch a composition with the setting sun somewhere, near the lower left corner of the screen and as the sky was just gorgeous and clouds created a beautiful canvas for a painter, I kept most of the sky in my composition. As, I stood there keeping the tripod really low on the ground I took shots almost every half a minute and watched as the colors kept changing in front of my eyes. But you know, as most landscape photographers say, if you are shooting the sky during sunset, also don't forget to look behind, there could be something interesting too. This one was not exactly behind but more in the north-easterly direction. The crimson red clouds caught my eyes and I almost laying flat on the ground and using the Liveview in the camera set up the 3-exposure bracketed shot for a possible HDR. The dynamic range in this composition was needless to say beyond what the camera could capture, there were just too many colors playing around at that time. When I looked at these shots on the computer, I felt the need for a a painterly touch so I played with the saturation layers and several curves adjustment till I felt like stepping on to the trail and go and touch the clouds.

Date Added
October 28, 2012
Date Taken
October 28, 2012

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