By Michael Bluhm

Catamount Creek Falls

Nearest Area
Thomas Trail
Green Mountain Falls
Brief Directions

Travel west out of Colorado Springs up Ute Pass towards Woodland Park. Green Mountain falls is about half way. Take the second exit to the town and follow the road west until the road goes left, then take a right heading north. You must park your vehicle as soon as you can as there is no parking lot at the trail head. It's a 3 mile hike up the road until it dead-ends at the trail head.


My goal was to shoot the many waterfalls on the Thomas Trail right after sunrise. There are a series of falls coming off a mountainside below the Catamount Reservoir above Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. This particular image was taken where a large rock face reflected the morning sun into the water. Some would correct the bluish tint of the shaded water with a warming filter or with software, but I think the blue compliments the yellowish area in the image. A circular polarizing filter and a tripod were used to decrease the light in order to slow the exposure to about 1-2 seconds and give the water a slow, dreamy look.

Date Added
June 18, 2011
Date Taken
January 1, 1970

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