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Contender Jay Filter

American Landscape contest Contender Jay Filter used HDR to capture his image of Maine

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Photographer: Jay W. Filter

Location: Southwest Harbor of Mount Desert Island, Maine

When did you take the photograph? May 31st, 2012

Canon 5D MarkII / Canon 24-70mm / standard tripod f2.8 / ISO 250 // 1/3200 - 1/2500 - 1/2000 - 1/1600 - 1/1250

Describe how you got this photo.
I was driving around the Acadia National Park region early one spring morning, waiting for the suborn morning fog off the Atlantic to burn off. An eerie color began to manifest, so I searched for a spot along the coastline to stop and capture. I stopped at this particular bend, as it was the only spot with a tiny area to pull over, and left the engine running.

Did you use any special techniques?
I tried to capture this in a shingle shot, but when I shot for the sky color, the beachfront and trees were lost, and vice-versa. I opted for a series of exposures and settled on an HDR set of 5 exposures.

I sharpened them in Aperture and exported them as 16-bit tiffs. Once I tone mapped the group, I adjusted the temperature setting to the warmer "summer" side and as a result brought back that weird coloration that I saw in the sky.

Why is this scene of the American Landscape special to you?
As a city-boy I'm always drawn to areas that I only see in magazines and movies. The coast of Maine is simply amazing. It's miles and miles of ragged shorelines, cliffs, rock-ledges, short beaches, charming fishing villages with zillions of fishing and lobster boats, and imposing lighthouses.

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