Monday, April 15, 2013

Contender Paul S. Phillips

Contender Paul S. Phillips finds beauty in early morning light, color, and discovering new compositions as seen in four of his American Landscape contest submissions

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Framing Arch

Location: Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

When did you take this photograph? 2008

Nikon advanced point and shoot. Hand held

Describe how you got this photo.
Perseverance. I've been to Mesa Arch numerous times trying to get the right light. This arch can only be surpassed by Delicate Arch in the number of times I've visited and ways it's been photographed. I realized years back that most pictures of Mesa Arch, including mine, made the arch the subject. I wanted this picture to focus on the background, Dead Horse State Park, not the arch. I made sure I left sky above the arch to give content.

Why is this scene of American Landscape special to you?
This is an iconic American landscape picture. I hoped to capture it in a new light and different composition. That's a tall order.

Do the photos you entered go together to tell a story, or do you think they work best individually? If together, what story about the American Landscape do the photos tell?
The pictures I submitted go together in the sense they tell a story of my love for the American outdoors. They tell a story about a person who loves to see beauty around the next corner and bring back evidence in photographs. They work best individually in that they each tell a story on their own.


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