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In my lightboxes:

Heron Flyby
Photo By Ed Bonkowski

  • Title: Heron Flyby
  • State/Province/Region: Arizona
  • Country: United States
  • Nearest Area: Woods Canyon
  • Nearest Town: Payson
  • Best Season: Summer
  • Description: I took this picture at Woods Canyon Lake, which is 33 miles East of Payson on 7-25-2009, at 1907 hours. I was standing on the drive ramp where the boats enter and exit the lake. I was hoping to get a last minute photograph of an Eagle, when a Heron started to fly at me to my right. I focused on his head as he flew closer. After a dozen or so shots, I viewed my LCD screen and noticed the perfect timing of the Heron flying close to, and just above the heads of the men coming into the dock. The Heron did not block the view of the men, and had a nice reflection in the water as well. The men in the boat were an Uncle, Grandfather, Dad, and son. I showed them the photo once they docked and gave them my web site card if they were interested in purchasing a photo. The son was extremely interested, but the older men didn’t seem to care. To date, I never heard from them, nor did they purchase a photo. I used a Nikon D-700 12mp D-SLR Camera. I opened the photo in CS3 RAW, decreased the EV to -0.65, Fill to 29, and used 100 % Luminance (noise reduction) I adjusted Levels to (7 / 1.00 / 200), Curves to (136 output, 139 input), Saturated the entire photo to + 9, Dodged the light feathers of the Heron with a 5% brush tool. Saved in layers.
  • Gear: NIkon D-700 with 70-200mm 2.8 IF ED G Lens
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