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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Contender Suzanne Mathia

2014 Vista Contest Contender Suzanne Mathia makes Alstrom Point a yearly trip, soaking in the quietness and ever-changing color palette

Photographer: Suzanne Mathia www.suzannemathiaphotography.com

Location: Alstrom Point, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Lake Powell, UT.

Date: December, 2007.

Equipment: Canon EOS 1D Mark III, Canon 24-105mm, Gitzo tripod, Really Right Stuff ballhead and L-bracket.

The story behind the shot:
I was making a 10-day circle, starting with the Grand Canyon, Page, White Pocket, and ending up at Alstrom Point, with the intent of camping, hiking and photographing some of my favorite areas of the Colorado Plateau in the quiet winter season. Alstrom Point is a peaceful and quiet spot where I like to enjoy the magnificent views of the sparkling Padre Bay and colorful Gunsight Butte. From here you can wander all over the mesa creating memorable images. The lake takes on a different palette as the day wears on and the sun sets behind you in the late evening. This image was created in December of 2007, although I have returned to this spot every year since. This late afternoon light was beautiful and the dusting of snow on Navajo Mountain made this one of my favorite images from this spot.

Special Techniques:
I use mirror lockup and a 2 second timer to reduce any possible vibration in camera as the shutter goes off. No filters were used for this shot and a very minimal amount of post processing. Lightroom was used to adjust exposure and control the highlights and pull some detail out of the deep shadows. The required capture sharpening was used with a little creative localized sharpening to bring out the textures in the rocks.


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