By Miles Morgan

Cape Kiwanda Keyhole

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 40D
Nearest Area
Pacific City
Brief Directions

From Portland, take 99W to Rte 18 to Rte 22. This connects to the 101, which you will take you south to Brooten Road. Once you enter Pacific City, follow the signs for Cape Kiwanda


It's very rare to find a tide low enough to get into this arch at Cape Kiwanda. To find a tide this low at sunset only occurs a few times a year. It's simply stunning when sunset light hits the sandstone at this spectacular location. Cape Kiwanda is a photographers heaven. There is a lovely little town right next to the Sandstone cliffs, but the Arch is on the North side of the cape. It is accessible by scrambling over the dunes, which is a huge chore, or coming from the other side, which is a lovely walk back down the beach from the parking lot. t

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