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Wild Wild Night by Dustin Penman
Wild Wild Night by Dustin Penman

Dustin Penman's image of a wild stormy night was taken near Folsom, California and it was submitted to the Shooting In The Dark Assignment which closes tonight. Penman calls this image Wild, Wild Night. It's a composite of six photos taken during a summer electrical storm in the area. Such storms are rare in this part of California. He used a Nikon D7000 with a 10-24mm lens.

I select a Photo Of The Day every day. I choose the images from the various OP galleries including AssignmentsYour Favorite Places and all of the OP Contests. Also, for each issue of the magazine I go through the Assignments galleries and choose a few to be featured in The Best Of Assignments in print and I select a weekly winner to be featured on the OP home page. To get your photos into the running all you have to do is submit them.



    I like the pic but there seems to be too many themes or subjects for me, the photo doesn’t lead my eye to any central theme. This is often the problem with composite photos, there is so much information in each photo that once they get put together the whole photo just becomes too busy. I’m more of a one photo for one photo kinda guy. Capture nature as it happens, like it happens, instead of creating an image that never, could never occur. JMHO, this one doesn’t work for me.

    Congratulations Dustin! What an honor to have your image chosen for Photo of the Day.

    Seeing your image up there drove me to join and contibute too. Your an inspiration.

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