The Mobile Photographer

August 18, 2008

Q) I’m limited to movement in a walker or electric cart. I would like to start photography again. Is there a tool that could be clamped onto the walker or cart that would hold a camera out of the way while I move into position and then would permit the camera to be swung around to take the picture?

S. Leber
Via the Internet

Bogen/Manfrotto has an accessory that may be just what you need. It’s called a Magic Arm (#143A), and with the addition of a Super Clamp (#D230), you’ll have a clamp and articulated arm to support the camera. At the end of the arm, you’ll need a small to medium ballhead to accomplish the camera attachment. This combination should give you the abilities you seek to carry and position your camera.

The two Manfrotto/Bogen accessories that can solve the problem of working from either a walker or cart are the Super Clamp and Magic Arm.

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