The AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography.

AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography
AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography

Please forgive me for a little blatant self-promotion here, but I'm excited to announce the release of my new book, the AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography. When I sat down to write this book over the winter, my goal was to keep it simple - I'm a firm believer in keeping the tech talk to a minimum and letting the creative part of making photographs bubble up to the surface. I feel I've succeeded with that goal, but once I started writing I was surprised how much thinking actually goes into the making of a good photo, and I ended up writing in a lot more detail than I expected. For that reason, readers should be able to grow with this book, by getting a basic understanding of composition and other field and digital darkroom techniques, but being able to dig a little deeper as their skills and and passion for photography increase.

The book is slated to hit store shelves in a couple of weeks, but if you pre-order a book from my website before then, you might get it a little sooner and I'll throw in free shipping.

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