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"it Mattered To That One"
Photo By Gary Mcelveen

  • Title: "it Mattered To That One"
  • State/Province/Region:
  • Country: Kenya
  • Nearest Area: Turkana
  • Nearest Town: Lodwar
  • Brief Directions: We were dropped off about six hours outside of Lodwar, we rode in the back of a cattle truck, dropped off and we told them to return a few weeks later.
  • Notes: Like David as he faced Goliath, we took our little mighty SONY's and we changed the world :) Turkana has not seen a single drop of rain in over three years. The images we took brought about change, it moved others to come together to see that a water system would be sent to save lives. God bless you all, we sure can do mighty things when we come together in love. We have little but what we do have, I'm here ready to play a roll. It's bringing what we can together, mine was time and energy, others helped fund raise and most importantly, they prayed some mighty prayers. We live to be the voice of others. The story we write is not of death and destruction, our story is one of love . . . Gary McElveen SIHI Photographer.
  • GPS Longitude: 35.57
  • GPS Latitude: 3.13
  • Best Season: Summer
  • Description: "It Mattered to that One" Turkana Kenya, Desert, 17 days, totally cut off, slept on the sand, took two cameras, both were SONY A350's. Shot over 7500 images, had no electricity, put all my trust in my equipment and when I boarded my flight home, I was blown away at what a story we captured. Our images are doing what words can't. We are "Compassion Photographers." Image taken by Sami Nem, he had never picked up a camera, his dream has always been one of being a photographer, but living in Kenya, to own such a camera was something few would ever achieve. I knew I was lead to take both cameras and I left one of my two SONY's with my new brother, I miss and love, I left my camera so he could continue making that difference. Love you my friend, I pray I will one day return.
  • Gear: SONY A350 Alpha
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