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Grandfather Guardians
Photo By Samantha Mathews

  • Title: Grandfather Guardians
  • State/Province/Region: Alberta
  • Country: Canada
  • Nearest Area: Calgary
  • Nearest Town: Banff
  • GPS Longitude: 51
  • GPS Latitude: 115
  • Description: This photo you see here is actually a combination of two photos taken at the same location and time, during sunset on Sulphur Mountain in Banff, AB. You can take a gondola ride up or hike it if you are brave enough to. To my people, we refer to stones and mountains as Grandfathers and we use grandfathers in our ceremonies. These grandfathers are the eldest of many and this is a sacred place, where there is something unspoken that will begin an inner dialogue with you, that will vibrate with you and is powerful enough to make you reflect on a much deeper level on life and connects you with your spirit. This is traditional Stoney and Blackfoot territory. I am not Blackfoot but I belong to a nomadic tribe and these grandfathers are what makes me feel closest to home as one can get in this life. They are as old as me and they are my guardians. My traditional translates to Mountain Stream Dances and I feel a strong connecting to these sacred mountains because they are very much a place of prayer, healing and transformation. I wanted to enhance the colour because it is something you need to see in person and sometime the lens cannot capture the auras that belong to these grandfathers so I wanted to portray that.
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