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Broughton Bear
Photo By Richard Gage

  • Title: Broughton Bear
  • State/Province/Region: British Columbia
  • Country: Canada
  • Nearest Area: Broughton Archipelago
  • Nearest Town: Telegraph Cove
  • Brief Directions: Drive north on Vancouver Island to Telegraph Cove and cross Johnstone Strait by boat heading West to enter the Broughton Archipelago.
  • GPS Longitude: 126.43
  • GPS Latitude: 50.39
  • Best Season: Autumn
  • Description: We had been camping on the White Cliff Islets within the Broughton Archipelago for 2 nights in this uniquely isolated landscape. On the third day we decided to paddle away for the afternoon but as we did we saw a 300lb Black Bear pull himself out of the ocean having swam 2 kms to pay us a visit. Somehow the purple stains on our feet did not highlight that there was bear bounty on this island that might attract a 'berry' visitor this far away from the main larger islands. I stayed on lookout while Mark crept back to reclaim our food cache to the kayaks. We were concerned about this 'fed' bear learning habits that would lead to a 'dead' bear scenario. With Mark making his approach from shore I took this picture. I was completely oblivious that we were being watched by the 'Spirited' face reflecting in the water. It was only later when I was flipping through the pictures that someone sitting beside me with an alternate perspective noticed who was really being observed.
  • Gear: Sony RX100
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