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Reflections At Coyote Buttes
Photo By Bob Simari / Baldwin, Ny

  • Title: Reflections At Coyote Buttes
  • State/Province/Region: Arizona
  • Country: United States
  • Nearest Area: Utah SR 89
  • Nearest Town: midway between Kanaab, Utah and Page, Arizona
  • Brief Directions: On SR 89 midway between mileposts 25 and 26 take the unpaved road heading south to the Wire Pass trailhead. A three mile unmarked trail at this point brings you into the Coyote Buttes area which can only be accessed by highly sought after permits. Visit the ranger station on SR 89 for information and directions
  • Notes: If you attempt to visit this area during the summer, you'll truly regret it; the sun is far too hot, the terrain too rugged and there are no marked trails or shade trees. Visit in early spring when winter snow has melted into reflecting pools surrounding some of the world's most beautiful rock formations. This photo was taken in the area beyond the now infamous "wave". The best photos are taken very late in the day which, unfortunately requires the return hike to the trailhead to be done in dim light or darkness and it's quite easy to become lost under these circumstances. Bring a headlamp and pay plenty of attention to landmarks during the hike in.
  • Best Season: Spring
  • Gear: Plenty of water, snacks, good hiking boots, polarizing filter
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