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Schnebley Hill Road
Photo By Bob Simari / Baldwin, New York

  • Title: Schnebley Hill Road
  • State/Province/Region: Arizona
  • Country: United States
  • Nearest Area: AZ 179
  • Nearest Town: Sedona
  • Brief Directions: In the middle of Sedona where Routes 89 and 179 intersect, fork onto Route 179 and proceed a few hundred feet to the far side of the Sedona Bridge. Turn left onto Schnebley Hill Road. This first mile of the road is paved; however, the road becomes very rough and rocky after that. You can make the trip with a passenger car but a high clearance vehicle with rugged tires is clearly preferable.
  • Notes: The unpaved portion of Schnebley Hill Road, when approached from the town of Sedona, offers stunning red rock vistas unlike most anyplace else. Drive slowly to avoid puncturing tires on the numerous sharp rocks embedded in the road. If you plan your photography for just before sunset and are fortunate enough to experience a sunny day without clouds blocking the sun's last rays, you will see for yourself why they call this red rock country. For the last few minutes of daylight, the spectacular formations surrounding Sedona will glow such a saturated shade of red-orange that your friends won't believe that you didn't oversaturate your photos in Photoshop. On cloudy or overcast days, the rocks are still quite beautiful, but not nearly as dramatic as at the end of a clear day.
  • Best Season: Autumn
  • Gear: An suv is helpul on this road.
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