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Moonset Over Kelso Dunes, California
Photo By Bruce Wendler

  • Title: Moonset Over Kelso Dunes, California
  • State/Province/Region: California
  • Country: United States
  • Nearest Area: Majave National Preserve
  • Nearest Town: Barstow
  • Brief Directions: Can get to the Kelso Dunes from Baker or Barstow California off Highway 15 or 40. Kelbaker road runs across the Mojave Preserve. Look for the Kelso Dunes about 10 miles north of US40.
  • Notes: This photo has been converted by new plug-in filters for photoshop. With more powerful filters, new art and expressions for photography will follow. These conversions can and will help people move from the postcard shots so often seen, back to the more art and expessive aspects. Think of it as the next revolution just like Ansel Adam's use of a red filter on black and white photography.
  • Best Season: Winter
  • Description: December 28th, California had a moonset at the same time as the sunrise. Using the Photogapher's Ephemeris to line up the site that would set the moon over a couple of Kelso Dune peaks out several miles from the peaks themselves, we just had to wait in the cold air for the timeing to be right. Unstable air in the desert caused from pockets of air different tempeatures caused different oolor bands of air with the break just above the moon.
  • Gear: Sony a900, 70-400mm G2 Lens, Vivitar Doubler, Slik Tripod
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