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Mt Evans, Colorado
Photo By Issy

  • Title: Mt Evans, Colorado
  • State/Province/Region: Colorado
  • Country: United States
  • Nearest Area: mt evans road near I70 & Idaho Springs exits
  • Nearest Town: idaho springs
  • Brief Directions: I70 west from Denver, exit Mt Evans Road.
  • Notes: Never a dull moment at Mt Evans, in any season except when closed in winter. Spring, Summer and Fall can bring all kinds of different landscapes and wildlife. My favorite is end of summer, early fall where the marmots, bighorn sheep, and white mountain goats can be found along the road and hiking trails. From late May to early Sep, the road to the top of this 14-er is open, no side rails! Its a gorgeous scenic "paved" drive to the top, and lots of stops along the way, like Summit Lake at about 12,000 ft. Beware of the quick climb in altitude, so stopping along the way is strongly suggested. At the top, the best view, and remains of a stone fortress-like structure, The Summit House, also known as the Crest House. At Summit Lake, some incredible views when the light is right, plus some great easy hiking trails. Always beautiful, and always find something new to photograph! Love the marmots, fun to observe and photograph! There's also some rare occasional sitings of PIKA, White Ptarmigans, and other wildlife too!
  • Best Season: Summer
  • Gear: Winter wear, long lens, tripod
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