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Mather's Gorge
Photo By Paul Smithson Phillips

  • Title: Mather's Gorge
  • State/Province/Region: Maryland
  • Country: United States
  • Nearest Area: Great Falls Park, Virginia
  • Nearest Town: Washington, DC
  • Brief Directions: 10 miles North West of Washington,DC
  • Best Season: Summer
  • Description: This was taken in Mather's Gorge on the Potomac River outside Washington, DC.I grabbed my camera with a 70-200 mm, 2.8 ll lens for the job. I checked the water levels on the Potomac River so I would know where the kayakers would be. I went down to the river for some action shots. The Idea behind this picture is "compression". I hope I got it right. I wanted to get the subject at a distance from the lens and bring the foreground, a wall of water, and the background,the falls, tight into the subject. I was down in a gorge and the light was low. I had to keep my f/stop as wide open (f2.8), as I could to capture the movement of the water and subject. I was getting around 500th of a second out of it. I bumped my ISO to around 200 and had to pull my polarizer. I had to have it hand held and the focus on automatic so I could catch the action. I set the camera to AL Servo and at high speed frames per. Sports pictures, like this, tend to be the complete opposite from how I dial in my regular landscape pictures. My f/stop would be greater. I would be on a tripod with a cable release.I would have had my IOS as low as it would go. I would never compose the subject the way I did, etc... This kind of exercise gets me out of the box. Technically the picture was taken from Virginia but the water, falls and Kayaker are in Maryland. I took this picture with the OP assignment "70-200mm" in mind. I took it the day due and blew the deadline. I still find this, Mather's Gorge, one of my favorite places.
  • Gear: Canon 7D, canon 70-200mm 2.8mm L
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